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[31 Aug 2004 | Comments Off on Bike Trails in Hamilton | ]

I just spent a week in Dundas (near Hamilton, Ontario) and got to cycle on a number of paths and bike trails. I was certainly impressed with these trails. Several abandoned railroad right-of-ways have been converted to excellent shared use trails, many of the streets and highways have well marked bike lanes and there are many mountain biking trails (both maintained and bushwacked). There is a trail map available.


[31 Aug 2004 | Comments Off on Flora of South-Western Ontario | ]
Flora of South-Western Ontario

I’ve just recently returned from a mini-vacation in Southwestern Ontario where I went cycling along a number of surprisingly good trails. I will be posting about the trails later, but here are a few plant photos that I took while cycling. They aren’t the greatest pics, but you get the idea.

Black-eyed Susans
Ornamental grass

Body Snatcher?


[17 Aug 2004 | Comments Off on Mainprize Genealogy | ]

One of my hobbies for a long time has been delving into my family tree and I’ve recently made a possible breakthrough regarding my Great Grandmother (Father-Grandfather-Great Grandmother) Sarah Vermilyea. The big question is who is her mother. At the present I think it’s Hannah Preston, but my proof is incredibly sketchy and there are a few conflicting sources. I am 99% certain that Sarah (Vermilyea) Mainprize was born on Apr 8, 1849 based on the 1901 census of Hastings County
All the sources that suggest Hannah …


[15 Aug 2004 | Comments Off on Black Water Pipe Band Website | ]

For those of you interested in bagpiping, check out Black Water Pipe Band website for news and info about our bagpipe band.


[15 Aug 2004 | Comments Off on Neverwinter Nights Memetic Trails | ]

I’ve designed a demo module for Neverwinter Nights demonstrating the A* (“A Star”) algorithm used for pathfinding. The demo uses the Memetic Toolkit which is a powerful set of scripts used to simulate creature AI.
The A* algorithm is remarkably efficient, and the NPCs are quickly able to determine the best (shortest) path to their next destination. The NPCs are able to traverse multiple areas and follow very complex paths without overly taxing CPU resources.