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[15 Feb 2005 | Comments Off on It’s blog, it’s blog…it’s better than bad, it’s good! | ]

This isn’t going to much of an entry — more of a test of my ability to follow the editing and submitting process.  As you can imagine, I’m very new to this world but when James asked me to do it, I thought it could be fun.  I don’t have any agendae except to wonder and hmmm and cogitate.  I’ve often tried to have a journal of thoughts but my hand writing is either too slow or too unreadable and I quickly lose the drive to keep it up to …


[9 Feb 2005 | Comments Off on KartOO | ]

I’ve been thinking about different ways of conveying reams of information in a more navigable manner, and I stumbled across an alternative search engine site, KartOO. Under the hood, the engine is a meta-search engine that uses other search engines. However, the neat thing about KartOO is the graphical display of information as a pseudo road-map with sites linked by categories. I probably won’t switch from Google just yet, but KartOO definitely has some cool ideas about how to convey information in a non-traditional fashion. …


[2 Feb 2005 | Comments Off on Hinterland Who’s Who | ]

Do you remember the National Film Board’s “Hinterland Who’s Who”? I grew up watching them on CBC–they were time fillers between shows. Even in the 70s they already seemed quite dated, but I must admit, they were probably my first exposure to wildlife awareness.
Do you miss these little vignettes? Well, worry no more! You can see them all at www.hww.ca. There is even a spoofs category!