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Hiking at Mono Cliffs

6 June 2005 No Comment

cliff_trailOn the Victoria Day long weekend, we went hiking up at Mono Cliffs near Orangeville. This is a small provincial park with several trails that traverse the Niagara escarpment in that area. The Bruce trail also goes through that region. The parking is just a self serve metered park, $10.00 for the day.

That weekend, the bugs had not started biting, but the weather was warm and sunny, so we had an amazing day.

stairsdown O.k the nice new stairs made the hiking near the cliff face really easy, but the scenery was great. chasmLooking through a narrow crack at near the base of the cliffs.
upstairsAfter looking at the base of the cliffs, it’s time to climb back up. caveWe couldn’t really tell if this was just a deep ravine or and entrance to a cave. You weren’t supposed to get any closer, although the ten foot drop would have made it tricky to check the cave out, even if we’d wanted to.
scoutsYou are never really alone on a hiking trail. We encountered lots of people, dogs, horses and even a Chinese scout troup. usOlivia and me.
niceday What a beautiful day!
purpletrillium 115-1553_IMG Trilliums
ferns Ferns.

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