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[26 Aug 2005 | Comments Off on Termites Be Gone! | ]

The PCO guy just showed up to help eliminate our termite problem. He has to drill into the basement floor every 2 to 3 feet with a huge concrete drill. Holy smokes! Is it ever loud. He started at 7:30am and he’s expecting it to take several hours. I’m going to be deaf.
He has to do the entire perimeter of the house inside, and then repeat along the outside of the house. Hopefully this will slow the destruction of our poor little rental house.


[25 Aug 2005 | Comments Off on Work Permits | ]

O.k. so it turns out that it can be reasonably difficult for a foreigner to get a work permit in Canada. Anyways after much waiting, confusion, frustrating and several job-offers-and-reversals, my girlfriend finally got hers!
I’m so happy I nearly jumped out of my chair! Congrats, Olivia!

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[13 Aug 2005 | Comments Off on Hubba Hubba | ]

I recently bought and tried out a new tent, the MSR Hubba Hubba. It’s a fabulously breathable tent with massive micromesh walls. It’s also the fastest tent I’ve ever assembled (<1 minute for the main tent, and 5-6 minutes to stake in the fly). It very comfortably fits me and my girlfriend, with space to spare for that early morning hands-over-head yawn-stretch! Two vestibules make for extra storage and the two zip entry makes it easy for two people to share the tent. The only …