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[22 Sep 2005 | Comments Off on Murder on My Street | ]

O.k. Someone was killed just down the street (2 blocks away). Some of the details can be found at pulse24.com and at 640toronto.com. Obviously a domestic dispute. It’s really too bad, my neighbourhood seems nice (at least on the surface). There’s no obvious sign of gang activity, kids play outside, neighbours say hello. For the most part this is a pretty sleepy neighbourhood… And the house looked so nice too—the fence is a little much, but it’s a well kept house with a manicured …

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[18 Sep 2005 | Comments Off on End of Summer Camping | ]
Campsite in the morning

My brother and I have been saying we should go camping together for a few years now, but schedules have been next to impossible to sync up. Anyways, we finally managed to organize a single night this past weekend. The four of us scooted up to Earl Rowe Provincial Park last Friday.
Despite the rain on Friday evening, we managed to set up a decent campsite with a nice little fire. The campfire Cake-in-an-Orange was a bit of a disaster, but the “Chinese BBQ” on the following day was …


[12 Sep 2005 | Comments Off on Happy Birthday Olivia! | ]

Happy birthday Olivia! I hope that you have a wonderful day. I’ve been so blessed by getting to know you and falling in love with you. I hope we get to celebrate many more birthday’s together!
I hope that I got the right Chinese phrase in the image. It’s supposed to be “Happy Birthday” but for all I know, it says “Monkeys eat bananas”. Actually, I recognize the symbol for “Day” (the one that looks like a rectangular window) so maybe it’s “Monkey-Eat-Bananas Day“… Heh…Anyways, …

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[10 Sep 2005 | Comments Off on What I want | ]

O.k I don’t really need this for any reason, other than the fact that my Palm IIIc is getting kind of old. I thought about sticking with a Palm, but there just isn’t one that I like with all the features that the Dell Axim has (at least for the same price point). And the ability to edit Office documents is appealing. A Wi-Fi connection also makes it very useful for quick web-browsing… Too bad I’m not stinking rich, and then I’d just go buy it.


[7 Sep 2005 | Comments Off on An editorial on New Orleans | ]
An editorial on New Orleans

Not really my own deep thoughts, but this is a strong editorial on the situation in the U.S. View the broadcast or read the text from Keith Olbermann of MSNBC. I don’t watch MSNBC, so I know little of Olbermann, but the editorial is remarkably insightful, and remarkably damning of the government response to the plight in New Orleans. I sincerely hope that people learn from this tragedy and that New Orleans can rebuild, and that the thousands of homeless people find a way to rebuild …