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[12 Oct 2005 | Comments Off on Pocket Blogging | ]

I’m posting this from my new Axim, using my Pocket SharpMT. I guess that makes it mobblogging. Creating entries seems pretty easy. I wonder if this will be a practical way of doing this?


[10 Oct 2005 | Comments Off on My new Axim x50! | ]

I finally got my Axim x50 from Dell. After a little mix up with the billing address, the order process was pretty smooth sailing (although there was absolutely no feedback at the Dell website). My first impressions are: LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! It’s certainly a great leap forward from my old Palm IIIc, which I’ve used religiously until a few days ago.
I won’t go into a lot of technical details here, but rather I will attempt to describe a few key points regarding setup …


[10 Oct 2005 | Comments Off on Password Mayhem | ]

These days you need a password for just about everything. And for security each password should be different and hard to guess. This means that keeping track of website username password combinations is extremely difficult. One possibility is to use a substitution cipher that makes a simple easy to remember password, like “bank” and turn it into one that looks “hardened”. Nizo posted this some time ago at Slashdot for the entry Too Many Passwords
Two minor drawbacks: 1) Never lose the original cipher. 2) If …