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[31 Mar 2006 | Comments Off on Solar Power | ]

I’ve often wanted to try out solar power to offset electricity consumption, but prices and the power output of these systems makes it impractical. Recently, prices have dropped, solar panels have become more efficient and home “plug-and-play” kits are becoming available. For the most part, solar power is still in the realm of environmental enthusiasts and eco-hippies, but I think that it will become more and more mainstream in a few years. Here are a few interesting sites, some informative, some offering commecial products

Real Goods
“Products …


[23 Mar 2006 | Comments Off on Easy PC Info | ]

Keeping track of a computer’s devices and installed software is pretty tricky if you do it by hand, but Belarc has a handy-dandy tool that gives you a quick summary of just about everything about your computer! Just install a little program that you can download for free and run it. It creates a nice little web page file that summarizes everything installed on your computer. And don’t worry, nothing is transmitted to Belarc or anywhere else for that matter, your info is stored on html files …


[22 Mar 2006 | Comments Off on Server Down! But not mine! | ]

O.k. I’m at work, and I can’t do any work, because all of my code, data, and documents are on a network share disk. And that system is totally dead at the moment. At the moment then, mainprize.ca is a more stable machine than my work machine.