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[12 Apr 2006 | Comments Off on Salsa | ]

Is it just me, or has salsa dancing exploded in popularity? It seems like there are salsa clubs springing up everywhere, and so many people are either going salsa dancing or taking lessons. I didn’t even realize the popularity of salsa until my girlfriend and I started taking lessons together.
I have to say, salsa dancing is a LOT of fun! The dancing is fast enough and just complicated enough to keep things interesting for a long time. Even when you get all messed up in a dance …


[11 Apr 2006 | Comments Off on The Ten(?) Commandments | ]

Yesterday, I turned on the TV to sort of watch the Ten Commandments — You know, the original with crazy NRA Charlton Heston? Anyways, it turned out that ABC was airing a new remake of the Ten Commandments. Tuning in part way through I wasn’t that interested in watching it, but I was confused enough to look up the ABC website to find out what this movie was.
Then I stumbled across a few websites about the variations in the Ten Commandments. There is a good entry in …