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[27 Nov 2007 | Comments Off on Permanent Residence soon!?!? | ]

Olivia and I got some very encouraging news about Olivia’s PR application. I have been approved as “Sponsor” and Olivia’s application has been marked as “complete” – not quite approval, but the last step before it. Apparently we have to wait for the local office to contact us (how? letter? phone?) and then go through the final stage.
It took a very long time for this process (we submitted last May!), and the only feedback that you can get is the “wait times” listed on the government website. You feel kind …


[3 Nov 2007 | Comments Off on Release vs. Debug Mode Strangeness in WTL | ]

I was working on writing a Windows based application for work that was using WTL and DockingWindows and I was getting the strangest bug. When I used Visual Studio 2005 Express and compiled in Debug Mode, everything worked fine, but in Release Mode, one of the docking windows which was an “Owner Drawn” ListViewCtrl would never draw. The docking window container would appear, but the background would never fill and the list would certainly never show. Strangely, it ran just fine if it was compiled in VS 2005 Professional.