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It's been a while since I've written anything here. It seems I'm too busy to write anything useful. Lots has happened in the last little while: I've joined a new bagpipe band (Toronto Police Grade III), we bought a new car, and we've recently returned from a wonderful vacation/honeymoon. I'm in the process of uploading some pics from the honeymoon, but it's going to take a while, at last count we had something like 1000 photos to go through!

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There is a neat little game at costlife.org called Ayit(*): The Cost of Life that is an interactive game in which you try to keep a family of 5 in Haiti healthy, wealthy and wise. The game teaches you a little about poverty and a little about survival in a a third world country. After playing it for several hours, I only managed to keep the family alive once, with only just enough money to send one person to school... Definitely informative, and fun to play, but at the same time it's kind of depressing when it's so difficult achieve life-goals that we take for granted. | *-(or possibly Ayitt - I can't tell if the palm tree in the logo is supposed to be a tree...)

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I've never really liked Starbucks coffee, I've always found the coffee to taste over-roasted and kept too hot. And now that Starbucks is essentially everywhere, to me, it becomes and eyesore. There is a good opinion article in the LA Times, that discusses a frank admission by Starbucks executive that in fact, Starbucks has gone too far, too fast http://www.latimes.com/news/opinion/la-op-gross4mar04,0,2819241.story?coll=la-opinion-rightrail.

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Every once in a while you hear something good in the news rather than the usual doom and gloom. Sometimes it even helps restore your faith in humanity and gives a little hope for the future. Roberta Langtry of Toronto was just such a story. She died recently after a living to the respectable age of 89 years. She lived a quiet unassuming life and was a teacher for most of her career. What made her remarkable has only come to light since her passing. She was a quiet millionaire who donated to charity and often anonymous helped out people down on their luck by cheques in the mail from "an unknown benefactor". What was astonishing perhaps, was that very few people knew about either her wealth or her humanitarian efforts. Even her ... Read the full post »

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On Sept 10, 2006 Olivia and I got married! It's been such an incredibly busy few months, but the wedding day was absolutely wonderful. Even the weather co-operated with us and we managed to get some nice pictures outdoors in the lovely gardens around the Old Mill in Toronto. I'm going to start posting pictures soon, but we still have to finish moving, unpacking, writing thank you cards and adjusting to our new lives. Hopefully I can squeeze in a little time to write a few entries at my website.

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