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Jack Layton’s Funeral Procession

Layton's funeral cortege and highlights from the ceremony.

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We are the Champions!

This year we won the Grade 3 at the North American Pipeband Championship at the Glengarry Highland Games (in Maxville). We are the Toronto Police Pipe Band (TPPB) Grade 3 lead by Pipe Major Brian Urkosky. We are seen marching up to the line and then playing our medley: "At Long Last" (march), "Soenaidh's Tune" (strathspey), "The Grey Bob" (reel), "The Mermaid" (slow air) , "Daniel Michael Coleman's Father's Fancy" (jig), "The Rock and the Wee Pickle Tow" (jig), and "Mark Sheridan's Jig" and "Mark Sheridan" (hornpipe).

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Our paper in Radiology is on early publication. It's even being picked up by the mainstream media, (e.g. MSNBC).

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Win in Oshawa!

The Toronto Police Pipeband, Grade 3 placed first with our medley at the Oshawa International Festival. The festival is not really a highland games — no heavy events or highland dancing. Instead there are a few multicultural events, including Chinese lion dancers, taiko drumming and a Town Cryer competition. The weather was perfect and the pipes were beautifully set. Check out the performance on Youtube. ... Read the full post »

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I like to tweak my website quite a bit. Basic settings are never quite how you like them and things don't always conform exactly to specified standards. The following sections look at modifying WP-reCaptcha, Smart Youtube, Youtube Thumbnailer, The Excerpt Re-Reloaded, and Now Reading Reloaded. XHTML and ReCaptcha My site should be XHTML compliant, but adding the recaptcha plugin made it fail. Luckily people have worked out the problem. Check out the fix which requires a change to the plugin and modification to your theme templates. Smart YouTube Thumbnails Thumbnails are useful for listing posts and one nice plugin is the "YouTube Thumbnailer" which automatically stores the appropriate thumbnail for embedded YouTube movies. But it doesn't work with "Smart YouTube" which uses a nice short-cut in writing posts to makes your YouTube posts look nice and consistent ... Read the full post »

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