Well, it looks like George W. has won the election. Barring a miracle, he seems to have won the popular vote, and the electoral college votes. Everything else aside, this must bode well for Canada for two reasons. First, the U.S. dollar will continue it's nose dive, strengthening the Canadian dollar (The first day after the election, the Canadian dollar hit a 12 year high of 82.9 cents!), increasing our trade power. Secondly, with the U.S.'s phenomenal deficit, and incredibly lacklustre domestic policy, Canadians should be able to reverse the "Brain Drain" as skilled professionals will "get the hell out of Dodge" over the next 4 years.

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Vacation In Sicily 2002 part II

This is a continuation of the previous post because there are a lot of photos! In this section I focus on other parts of Syracuse, Sicily. Museo Archeològico This museum has a huge array of prehistoric, Greek and Roman artifacts from Siracusa and the surrounding area. Many of the artifacts were recovered from places like the Teatro Greco, Pantalica,and Megara Hyblea. While the artifacts are fascinating, the museum is surprisingly dated with uninspiring captions (some on cheap cardboard) and fading photos. Normally, I am fascinated with artifacts from ancient times, but the presentation in the museum was so poor that the visit was pretty much a waste of time Below is a sample of some of the artifacts at the museum 3796379938023805 Santuario della Madonna delle Làcrime 3769 One of the newest buildings in Siracusa is the huge sanctuary and basilica that houses a painting of the Madonna that ... Read the full post »

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Vacation in Sicily 2002 part I

Again, this is not a new entry, but a consolidation of my web stuff. This is a vacation I took in 2002. I had just bought a Canon ELPH S200 so I took a lot of photos. November 2002 Long overdo, I decided to take a nice long vacation following the completion of my Ph.D. I had saved up some money and decided that I was going to splurge a little. As it was getting late in the year, I wanted to go somewhere warm and I wanted it to be somewhere in Europe. I settled upon the southernmost point of Europe, in the island of Sicily. I left on Oct 6 and return Oct 21. ... Read the full post »

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I actually saw a good new TV show! http://www.upn.com/shows/veronica_mars/index.php

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This isn't really a new entry. Rather, it's an absorption of a few very old pages from my old website. This first entry deals with a vacation to England in 1998. The photos are rather poor because they are scans from photos using a very poor scanner and major lack of experience in scanning images. castle I have just returned from my trip to the United Kingdom, and I wanted to make a little web page to document it. Here you will find a excerpts from my trip journal, a little travel wisdom, and comments and suggestions for the first time traveller to the U.K. First a little background about the trip. I am a student in Medical Physics and I submitted a paper and talk to a conference in Nijmegen, Netherlands. ... Read the full post »

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