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[19 Nov 2004 | Comments Off on Help Desks | ]

Why must it be so difficult to deal with help desks for your telephone and internet connections? I realize that 90% of the questions they get are probably from untrained people who may not understand what’s wrong with their computer. But for those of us, who can identify that the problem is definitely “outside the home” and due to some specific event (such as, say upgrading the DSL package caused the dial tone to disappear), having to wade through the scripted responses from the “Level 1” technicians is …


[4 Nov 2004 | Comments Off on Bush-wacked | ]

Well, it looks like George W. has won the election. Barring a miracle, he seems to have won the popular vote, and the electoral college votes.
Everything else aside, this must bode well for Canada for two reasons. First, the U.S. dollar will continue it’s nose dive, strengthening the Canadian dollar (The first day after the election, the Canadian dollar hit a 12 year high of 82.9 cents!), increasing our trade power. Secondly, with the U.S.’s phenomenal deficit, and incredibly lacklustre domestic policy, Canadians should be able to reverse …