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[29 Jan 2005 | Comments Off on Movable Type 3.15 | ]

Ok, Movable Type is moving a lot quicker now. This is the second upgrade in a month. I don’t think there are any obvious changes though. Hopefully everything still works great.


[22 Jan 2005 | Comments Off on The Power Angel | ]
Power Angel

Have you ever wanted to know how much power you are using with your computer? Is your UPS rated high enough for the devices plugged into it? Normally this would require a fancy $600 power meter designed for laboratory use, or some clever measurements and calculations using a multimeter. Now there is a very cheap and elegant alternative: The Seasonic Power Angel Power Monitor. This is a simple device that you plug into the wall outlet, then plug the device that you wish to measure …


[15 Jan 2005 | Comments Off on Movable Type 3.14 | ]

O.k. I’m all upgraded to Movable Type 3.14. This upgrade is supposed to help reduce comment spamming — which is really the only comments I’ve gotten so far. It’s supposed to be a little faster on updating the website too.